Session Times

Training times shown are the standard times for all club members.

Circumstances may cause these details to change at short notices. Where ever possible a notice will be posted on this website together with our Facebook page to let members and parents know of any temporary changes.

Coaching Sessions

SundaySwim/Run15:00-17:00Wrekin College
MondaySwim (ask your coach first)19:00-20:00HLC
Wednesday pmRunning (ask your coach first)18:15-19:15Wrekin College
ThursdaySwim (ask your coach first)18:30-19:30Wrekin College
FridaySwim (ask your coach first)19:00-20:00HLC
SaturdayCyclingJunior CyclingSundorne Sports Village - Run by Mid Shropshire Wheelers



We believe that in order to have success within aquathlons and triathlons juniors should belong to a swimming club in addition to the swimming undertaken within our club. If you do not already belong to a swimming club then please speak to your coach for advice regarding the most suitable local club for you. The key swimming session we offer are on Sundays and is specifically tailored to meet the needs of a budding triathlete – so works very well to support and develop your existing swimming activities.


There are a variety of running sessions throughout the week. The key sessions are Sunday’s.  Additional running sessions are accessed on the recommendation of your coach and include Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Biking sessions are held regularly throughout the spring and summer – with a specific focus upon transition and basic skills.

Further cycling is encouraged and many of our juniors join the public session on Saturday mornings at Shrewsbury Sports Village Cycle Track coached by level 3 cycling coaches from Mid-Shropshire Wheelers. Please check out their website for further details.


Training for a multi-sport event such as triathlon can be fun because you can divide your focus between the different sports and get pretty good at all of them. Within multi-sport races there is an additional discipline – which is often overlooked! – This is the transition. It’s always a good idea to spend some time practising transitions, since it’s difficult to put on your shoes and race number when you get out of the water!

Most junior races take place within a pool based swim. However, older juniors and seniors may wish to take part in events that have open water swims. In which case, you will also want to practice swimming in open water. In fact, it’s a good idea to practice in the type of water you’ll be swimming in, since rivers, lakes and the sea all present their own advantages and challenges – but be reassured they are very carefully controlled in a junior race!